Magic City Harvest helps end hunger by recovering 1.2 million pounds of excess food from restaurants and grocery stores each year. This food provides more than 700,000 meals through the 30 agencies we support. Alabama is a place where people who love to cook can show their generosity by feeding others – where volunteers can gain an immediate sense of helping by delivering food to neighbors in need – where recipient agencies know that they are part of a community that really cares. Consider supporting the important work we are doing through volunteering your time or making a donation.


Join us in a social media experiment of epic proportions!  We are asking people through the community to give up just one lunch each month, and donate that $10 to Magic City Harvest through monthly automatic payments.  We are calling it One Lunch and you can find details here.  Be a Food Hero and join the campaign to provide food to people that aren’t sure if they will eat tonight.


We recover food from about 100 restaurants and grocery stores using three refrigerated trucks. Our new Food Share phone app will allow Magic City Harvest to work with nearly 2,000 smaller restaurants in the Birmingham area, engage an entirely new group of volunteer Food Runners, and significantly expand our mission in a very cost effective way. You will be seeing a lot of news about Food Share over the next few months!



Magic City Harvest is leading an effort to coordinate the work of organizations that distribute food in central Alabama. This approach uses our collective resources in new ways by analyzing facilities and equipment, evaluating staff and volunteers, and better understanding the agencies we support. We are more affective solving problems as a community than trying to address them on our own.



Magic City Harvest prevented 1.2 million pounds of food from going to landfills last year, eliminating one of the largest sources of methane gas. Producing and transporting 1.2 million pounds of food requires one trillion liters of water and generates 759,000 pounds of carbon emissions. We are working with several organizations on plans to turn food waste into animal feed and compost on a large scale.



Recovering healthy food for our community is a challenge and many of the agencies we support do not have the capacity to prepare healthy meals using fresh produce. Magic City Harvest is working with other nonprofit organizations to find ways we can increase the nutritional value of food served to people in need. One promising solution involves coordinating a network of nonprofits and businesses to make soup.