How you can help

Serving the less fortunate is a privilege made possible by the support we receive from generous, impassioned individuals and corporate partners who care about every person in our community. Ongoing financial support perpetuates our critical day-to-day operations, but there are many ways to lend your support.

Make a financial donation now

Your contributions help us pay for the cost of picking up and delivering food.

Credit card payments are accepted via Paypal by clicking on the DONATE TODAY! button on the right.

If you prefer, you can give us a call at 205-591-FOOD(3663) to make a credit card donation.


Checks can be mailed to our office at:

P.O. Box 11292
Birmingham, Alabama 35202


Become a donor agency
If you are involved in the food preparation and delivery business and want to make good use of your leftovers, join our group of food donors. Please see the food liability information covered by the Good Samaritan Act.  We also welcome donated food through food drives.  Call us if you would like to organize a food drive. See our list of suggested food drive items.


Become a recipient agency
Rescued food is provided to feeding agencies, shelters and church ministries. If you know or an organization that needs our food support, please contact our office. View a list of recipient agencies.


Provide ongoing financial support
Ongoing, monthly financial support allows us to plan for expenses and maintain healthy operations. Faith, civic and corporate organizations can lend support through annual or monthly grants. Contact our office for more information on how to get started.


Volunteer Opportunities

Magic City Harvest helps end hunger by recovering 1.2 million pounds of excess food from restaurants and grocery stores each year – enough to serve over 900,000 meals through the agencies we support.  We will also have several volunteer opportunities in 2016.

Supporting a New Approach to Food Recovery

Magic City Harvest recovers excess food using three refrigerated trucks.  Our new Food Share phone app will allow us to work with nearly 2,000 smaller restaurants in the Birmingham area, engage an entirely new group of volunteer food runners, and significantly expand our mission in a very cost effective way.  Volunteers are needed to help us recruit and train food donors, volunteer food runners and receiving agencies as we prepare to launch Food Share this fall.

Feeds Birmingham Event This Fall

Magic City Harvest hosts two events each year.  Feeds Birmingham will be held the week of September 19 and there are many steps to be taken between now and then.  The work is always interesting and the people involved are terrific.  Help us make sure this event is a great success.  We need your help coordinating the work of vendors, volunteer drivers and sponsors.

Long-Term Projects

Recovering healthy food for our community is a challenge and many of the agencies we support do not have the capacity to prepare healthy meals using fresh produce.  Magic City Harvest is working with several nonprofit organizations to find ways we can increase the nutritional value of food served to people in need.  We are also partnering with an organization to establish community coolers in several locations throughout Birmingham.  We need your help to coordinate our efforts with other nonprofit organizations.

Just a Few Hours

If you can’t commit to an ongoing project, we are always in need of assistance with the many day-to-day tasks that are required to serve our community through food recovery.

Please contact Ann Wallace at 205-591-3663 or for information on ways you can volunteer with Magic City Harvest.